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The Ashington Community Centre Trust Volunteers

To all those who have served the Centre and the Village … we thank you

Ashington Community Centre Trust (ACCT) is a registered charity that manages assets on behalf of the residents of the village. The trust is run by a Board of Trustees – volunteers who are elected as trustees at our AGM.

To maintain the facilities and grounds for your enjoyment now and for future generations, we depend on the effort, time and enthusiasm put in by our trustees, and we are always looking for help from new trustees who may have skills to help run the trust. There are many areas involved; from maintenance to communications, finance to IT, event planning to project management and many more besides.

If you would like to help the village and make a difference, please contact one of the committee members or use contact us to find out more.

Q and A – 

Why should I join Ashington Community Centre Trust? 

If you live in Ashington, these are your facilities and by becoming a trustee it ensures you have a say in how they are run.  

How much time do I need to commit to being a trustee? 

There are no set hours, although we would hope you could commit to at least several hours a month and attend a monthly trustees meeting. 

What can I bring to the trust? 

As well as your skills and experience, it is healthy to have new ideas and fresh ways of looking at things. 

What will I get out of being a trustee? 

The satisfaction and enjoyment of helping to maintain the village facilities for the benefit of yourself and other residents. The opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people, and be a part of shaping the village as we move forward. 

Is there any liability on me as a trustee? 

ACCT is fully insured for trustee liability. 


Margaret Alford BEM

On the right is Margaret Alford accepting her British Empire Medal. A long serving trustee and Secretary of ACCT, Margaret was awarded the honour for her tireless commitment to village life, which over the years has also involved time on the Parish Council, and running the Ashington Festival for many years.

Officers – past and present

Past Officers

The following table is under construction but please do let us know if you can add to any information on this page.

Name Role or Service Dates
Lee English Chairwoman 2020 – 2021
Bruce Wallace
Chairman 2020 – 2020
Simon Kinrade Chairman 2017 – 2020
Anthony Gilsenan Chairman 2014 – 2017
Roger Yates
Chairman 2009 – 2014
Howard Tingley Chairman – 2008
Karen Dare Chairwoman
Stuart Harrison Chairman 1980 & 90s
Brenda Sandell Chairwoman 1970s
Frank Willard Chairman 1960s, 1970s
AG Linfield Chairman 1940s, 1950s
Margaret Alford Secretary 1986
Enid Foster Secretary 1960s – 1980s
Frank Willard Secretary 1940s, 1950s
Neil Pearce
Treasurer 2021
John Morris Treasurer 2020 – 2021
Bruce Wallace
Treasurer 2014 – 2020
Trevor Pratt Treasurer 2011 – 2013
Howard Masterson Treasurer 2008 – 2011
Roger Spreckley Treasurer 2003 – 2008
Mr Spicer Treasurer 1970s
Brian Norton Treasurer 1970s
Mr Tipper Treasurer 1960s, 1970s
Frank Willard President 1980s

70 Years at the heart of Ashington Village